2024 Dance Class Summer Workshop


Description: August is workshop time where the dancers will learn a couple items for performance as we get ready for a busy festival season. This is a two week workshop that will require attendance on all days of class to get the benefit of the workshop.

When: Aug 13th – Aug 22nd

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday

Timings: 5 pm to 7 pm

Fees: $150

Payment due on or before Aug 13th

Payments available via PayPal or Zelle (@sarmadancer@gmail.com).

Click  here to submit payment and register.


2024 Dance Class Fall Semester


Where: Hindu Temple of the Eastern Shore

When: September 8th – Dec 7th

Timings: Sundays

Beginners  12pm to 12:45 pm

Intermediate: 1 pm to 2 pm

Adults: 2 pm to 3 pm

Fees: Starting at $300/semester

Payment due on or before Sept 8th

Payments available via PayPal or Zelle (@sarmadancer@gmail.com).

Click  here to submit payment and register.


What is it?

Bharatanatyam – is a 5000 year old Indian dance form that originated in the south of India.

How does it work?

These sessions are designed to learn a complete margam (course) as part of the Bharatanatyam curriculum. If you start at Grade 1, you will have completed a margam by grade 8 at which time you can decide if you want to pursue the arangetram (graduation) route, which requires additional specialized training. 

Who all can join?

 Anyone who is interested in learning this dance form are invited to join.

Children, both boys and girls can join as long as they can tell the difference between right and left.

Adults of all ages are welcome to join.

How do the classes work?

The curriculum is broken into groups 1 to 10. The level of difficulty increases as you move from one group to the next.
It takes an average of 3 to 6 months to be proficient in each group. Tests will be given to determine proficiency.
Advancement from one group to the next is based on skill. The more you practice, the faster you move up. You are encouraged to perform.
As part of your curriculum you will be learning items to perform for various festivals/occasions – the goal will be to have you perform at least once every semester.
Classes will be held once a week for 45 minutes for groups 1 to 3.
Groups 4 and up will require at least 2 hours of instruction a week.
Advanced lessons will require additional instruction.

How often are there performances?

There will be plenty of opportunities to perform for the community.
There is a year end show in December for which all students will be expected to perform.
There is a $50 participation fee that will pay for trophies/video streaming etc. that is due by Nov 15th.
Students are encouraged to perform for functions at the temple and for the community which will require additional practice time.


1. Please wear leggings/salwar with a long T-shirt or long top with a tie for the waist.
2. No Sleeveless allowed. Wear a Tshirt underneath if required.
3. All hair must be tied, wear a bindi.
4. Bring a book and pencil – you will be required to take notes.

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