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Interviews with strong women from all over the world who have overcome their fears against all odds that will inspire you to act and believe in yourself.



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Woman Of Many Genres with Kiran Manral

Award winning author Kiran Manral talks of her journey with writing that tranisitoned her into an author. She believes in boredom being essential to the creative process as evidenced in her most recent TEDx talk.

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Custodian of Stories with Anju Maudgal Kadam

Anju Maudgal Kadam is the founder and chief nurturer of the #100sareepact. Listen to this epiosde to hear how it all started. So powerful is this movement that she was featured on TED Talk India, hosted by Shahrukh Khan, a Bollywood star.

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Mastering your Monday

Mischelle O’Neal discusses her failproof system of navigating through unexpected challenges. Mischelle helps women master the practise of thought over circumstance and orchestrate that pivotal fresh start one Monday at a time.

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About The Show

This podcast showcases women, predominantly women of color, who in spite of their fear, are forging ahead, chasing their dreams and becoming stronger.

Discover how these conversations can help you so that you can work through your fear and conquer your dreams. What do you need to move ahead?

Whether it is starting your own business, traveling the world on your own, standing up to your boss or just silencing that voice in your head, every small step you take is a push in the right direction.

It’s a mix of interviews, special co hosts and solo shows that you are not going to want to miss.

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Malini Sarma

Malini Sarma

Your Host

Hello. I am Malini. I am a dancer, world traveler and storyteller. I am a hard core fan of chai and anything hot. I am always looking for new adventures and would rather be outside than inside.

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