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Interviews with strong women from all over the world who have overcome their fears against all odds that will inspire you to act and believe in yourself.



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Transforming Lives with Charlie Johnson Stoever

39 – Charlie is a nonbinary Mexican-American former stock broker that helps mostly lgbt & bipoc folks points hack, invest, & build wealth. Listen to their journey starting in Mexico and then moving to the United States, being undocumented till they were 14 and now living in Mexico. This is their story.

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Latest Episodes

Following the dream from West to East with Aurelie Ho

#30 Aurelie Ho is originally from France but now lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two young children. She talks of her journey as she struggled with the English language, her love for travel, balancing family and work and starting her own business. This is her story.

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Breaking barriers and building bridges with Rep. Padma Kuppa

#29 Padma Kuppa is the Michigan state representative for District 41. She is also the first Indian Immigrant and Hindu in the Michigan legislature. Born in India, but raised in both India and the US, she speaks of her struggles saddling two identities, breaking barriers, her passion for education and her life of service. This is her story.

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Island Life with Marla Bainbridge Martinez

#28 Marla lives on an island in the Caribbean just off of Cancun. She talks of how she got tired of the rat race and wrote down exactly how she planned to live the island laptop life. She is an entreprenuer and since the pandemic looking at refocused income streams.

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Finding your purpose with Sarah Millan

#27 Sarah Millan is a Conscious Consultant from Alberta, Canada. Born of a Scottish mother and a Spanish father, she is an empath. She speaks of her trials and tribulations as she learnt to manage, acknowledge and use her gift to help people from all over the world. This is her story. Check out for an Intuition Challenge especially for you.

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Follow your passion with Kritika Kulshrestha

#24 Kritika Kulshrestha was born in India but brought up in both India and the Middle East. Even though both her parents were doctors she became an engineer. In this episode she speaks of losing a parent, coping with grief, dealing with finances and following your passion. This is her story.

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Never entertain fear with Angie Waite

#23 Angelica Waite speaks of her journey as the youngest of nine, from the loving family in the village to the tough life in the city and how she learnt to never entertain fear. This is her story.

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About The Show

This podcast showcases women, predominantly women of color, who in spite of their fear, are forging ahead, chasing their dreams and becoming stronger.

Discover how these conversations can help you so that you can work through your fear and conquer your dreams. What do you need to move ahead?

Whether it is starting your own business, traveling the world on your own, standing up to your boss or just silencing that voice in your head, every small step you take is a push in the right direction.

It’s a mix of interviews, special co hosts and solo shows that you are not going to want to miss.

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Malini Sarma

Malini Sarma

Your Host

Hello. I am Malini. I am a dancer, world traveler and storyteller. I am a hard core fan of chai and anything hot. I am always looking for new adventures and would rather be outside than inside.

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