Season 1, Episode 26

Living in Alignment


Annelise Palacios


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Today’s Guest

In today’s episode I am speaking with Annelise Palacios.


Years of being involved with philanthropic organisations & coaching groups for self-development. Now advocating for the ocean & rainforest. One thing I have never forgotten is the kindness in the hearts of random people worldwide which makes me keep smiling.

Empowering others to spark their happiness from within to share that shine into the world. With a diverse knowledge from different industries, cultured, traveled, and an educated individual; I highlight my expertise in Communications, entrepreneurship, Expressive Arts and coaching.


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Annelise Palacios

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Malini Sarma 0:01

Annalise, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for being here.

Annelise 0:05

Hi, how are you? Thank you. Thanks very much for your invitation. Oh, you're

Malini Sarma 0:10

very welcome. I'm really excited to have you on the show. Because I think you are my first guest from South America. You're from Peru. And I'm and I'm really excited to know more about your journey because I visited Peru last year. And I love I absolutely love the country. I love your country so much. I can we can.

Annelise 0:30

We should travel together maybe, right?

Malini Sarma 0:35

Yes, that would be perfect. So um, so let's dive right in. You were born and brought up in Peru, and you live with your parents and your siblings. So what was it like growing up over there? What did you What did you want to do when

Unknown Speaker 0:50

you grew up?

Annelise 0:52

You know, was, was a typical middle class family gift, like private school going me loving family over all my parents and I, my sister and my brother were very close. And you know, very connected, we love to. They have always been good friends of mine. And only, you know, like you always think about, um, they're your biological family. But I feel that they have been more than that. Mm hmm. And so I am lucky to have them and about what I wanted to be. It's funny, because when I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian.

Malini Sarma 1:39

Oh, okay.

Annelise 1:40

Yeah, so it's kind of the big picture of my childhood is, is just very connected with animals. You know, we we had dogs for many years. And my memories are around all of these, you know, in the, in the backyard. Birds. I mean, even we were having a big one. On the palm tree in the backyard. Yeah, as a buy. I have those memories in there. You know, birds. Like hummingbirds. I have close connection. I always have these cute encounters with hummingbirds even when I was traveling way randomly afterwards. So the ocean ocean also it's as far as my childhood. Since I was a baby, I was spending with my family, at least from once a year until I got 17 years and then you know, starlight University time. I have the oven. Sweet. Nice, good life. So yeah, it was just like that.

Unknown Speaker 2:50

So um, so you are the oldest? No, I'm

Annelise 2:53

the I'm the youngest.

Malini Sarma 2:55

Youngest. Okay. Yes. Okay. That is probably explains your free spirit. Yeah,

Annelise 3:05

you're really gonna, yeah, no,

Malini Sarma 3:06

no, I cuz I could sense that, you know, you have this. This Joie de vivre or you're like, you love life. And you're like,

Unknown Speaker 3:14

why not? Let's

Malini Sarma 3:15

try this. And you know,

Unknown Speaker 3:17


Malini Sarma 3:18

that? I can say that, because I'm an I'm the oldest and I have a sense of like, you know, there's always like a little bit of fear about doing start or starting things. You're like, Oh, my God, what's gonna people gonna say, but I think the younger siblings usually have that freedom. Like,

Unknown Speaker 3:33

it's okay. I'll try it out. But

Unknown Speaker 3:34

what's that? What the heck? So?

Annelise 3:36

Oh, maybe because my sister, um, something that you're seeing right now is because my sister is elders. Mm hmm. And she always she, she was always the guinea pig, right? Because, no, I mean, nobody gives them a book, too. Right. Exactly.

Malini Sarma 3:53

So, um, so you. So you stayed in Peru? And you did? You did University there. And then you came to the US, right? Yeah. So why did you Why did you leave? Why did you want to come to the US? What did you What did you study there?

Annelise 4:12

Um, I always wanted to travel and live abroad. There was so I think it was always on my mind since I was a kid. I was wondering about the world in general. Mm hmm. Remember, you know, go back to childhood memories. Remember at school time, I'm sitting on my chair, looking outside through the window. You know, wondering about why we are here. Instead of like paying attention to the classroom. Whatever we were learning at that point. always wondering what is out there, what, what what we are here. And now that I think of those are not the typical questions of our generations, right, maybe these generation right now. The endless ones, right. But our generations weren't more into, okay, let's learn, repeat and follow instructions. I was never like that actually, I still in Idaho, have some problems. following instructions. I don't like. Okay. Yeah. So also, um, I always saw the woman of my, in my family, they were always traveling to other countries. And I wanted myself. So my first international traveling started when I was still a teenager. So I feel was a lot looking at my grandmother and my mother and other other females in my family in general. doing that, so it was like, Okay, well, I see they're very independent. They're enjoying their life, and why shouldn't do that? Why not try that? You know?

Malini Sarma 5:53

Mm hmm. So, so when you went to University, where were you studying veterinary medicine or something? Or were you studying something just general? You know, science, liberal arts, where did you go to university for?

Annelise 6:06

I started studying law. Okay. I, as my father said, Yes, me too. I mean, he was like, wanting me to become a lawyer. Okay. I, you know, sometimes my family has been very traditional overall. And, you know, at least that's how I felt at that right now. No, but then, I was feeling okay. Well, I do admire my father. And I think he's giving me good advice. So then, why not, I always wanted to go to university but at exactly what I wanted to do. He said to me, Well just become a lawyer. And if you don't want it, if you don't want to, to practice, it doesn't matter. You have the diploma there where whenever you want to use it. So he has been very important my life as always, but the funny thing is that later, I chose to pursue international relations. In class, I got a master's in humanitarian services later on in life. Um, yeah, in my mind has, it was always university studies, I love to learn. So it was like that.

Malini Sarma 7:20

Okay, so when once you once you went to university, then after that, did you, like, move to the US right after you got your degree, your your undergrad? Or did? Did you spend some time traveling and then you decide to come and then study over here?

Annelise 7:38

My, my plan was, one, I always wanted to go abroad, more. But my dad, he was like, No, I mean, you're too young to travel and just go abroad, just first finish your undergrad. And then we will see. And there was this the typical thing, all right. I was just trying to skim right, by what happened is that I finished my undergrad. And I always wanted to keep my studies, but abroad, not only my country, at that time, my mother told me Hey, why don't come over, you can just do a Master's over here. You can better your English and just do other stuff. Right? And my plan was not saying you as my I wanted to go to UK.

Malini Sarma 8:32


Annelise 8:35

But because it was it, this edition was flowing, it was all natural. It was coming very natural. You know, my undergrad, my mom been there or meaning California already for so many years. So it was very natural. And I say yes. To the opportunity. So that's how it happened. Hmm. So you see came to the US and then you did your masters here. Yeah, I did my master's degree in us. And my undergrad in Peru.

Malini Sarma 9:09

Okay, so then after that, did you still end up going to the UK?

Annelise 9:13

I just went there to visit.

Malini Sarma 9:15


Annelise 9:17

They're like three times for a business trip. Okay. And for spiritual retreat. Oh,

Malini Sarma 9:24

okay. Cool. So you're you're also a nature lover. I mean, I mean, you live in Peru. What a gorgeous, gorgeous country. So what

Unknown Speaker 9:33


Unknown Speaker 9:34

what else are you passionate about?

Annelise 9:36

Yes, I love animals. The ocean the rain floor is mainly here in the island and the beauty of Mother Earth overall. But as you were saying, Yes, I have more passions such as, let me name some if I have so many. Yoga, for example, meditation. I discovered them in when I was I started my journey to really go deep about who who I was right. I love designing, fashion, creativity. I love everything about arts. Mandela's I'm very good dancer. As you already know, I love traveling. My background, I see too many damn words so great. In others. Philanthropy has been always since I was a teenager, I think I got that a little bit from my father to showing me to help other people, you know, for yourself. I love photography, mainly when it's about interiors, and then I can capture that beauty. I don't know if you know that I coach people as well. Positive Psychology. So I love positive psychology to alternative medicine, communication software, I love to talk with people like I'm doing right now. Swimming in sacred geometry, for the ones who don't know some of these universal patterns we find even nature. Also, I found out that I was always having these a love for learning about the angels in general. it you know, you find some stuff, right? I can be saved as I was when when I did this at this point, right. And I love to learn about ancient cultures, or also there are many passions.

Malini Sarma 11:30

Okay, let's that Yeah, I can, I can relate to all of them. So, you know, that's, that's awesome. That's really cool. So how do you find time for all of this? I mean, how did you or leave it this way? When you when you have all these passions? And you decided to start your own? business? Right? So how, how did you decide what you were going to do? I mean, because you I mean, you have like, like you said, you have a degree in, in humanitarian services, you're always helping people. But how? How did you figure out what you wanted your business to be?

Annelise 12:09

Um, so as I was saying, regardless of my family, maybe been very traditional, I have always thought the first period right as you were, oh, I think that having my own business, it was for two months to manifest my life purpose, which is helping others. But in a specific way, you know, you find your niche, right, like, you start exploring yourself.

Unknown Speaker 12:36

Mm hmm.

Annelise 12:36

This is how you go to specific niche. So and I love to be independent. I think in general, I have always, as I was saying, following instructions, for me, it's a bit difficult. Having wanting to be independent, and create something, I'm very creative. So it took me lots of years of exploring who I am to get to that point is, you know, that it's not like, okay, randomly one day, okay, I know what I want to do forever in my life, and they will, without putting any investment on time and resources, right, because it's investing in you to find out who you are a nice, not just from day to night, whenever. Right. Oh, and also I think my parents have been very entrepreneurial all their lives. Okay. Leave, I saw that too. Very positive. I'm not saying that everything was rosy color all the time. I don't. It's like, my life is ups and downs. Right. Right. I so they were very resourceful, very independent, and very loving. And entrepreneurial spirit was there at home. And I think I got that. But when I think about I, I was clear when I was already not old about that. But when you're a kid you don't you grasp all of all of that. You absorb it consciously. Mm hmm. You're not aware? Yeah. I don't know. If I'm expressing myself correctly. No,

Malini Sarma 14:12

I understand. Yep. Yep. You're around it all the time. You're just picking it up. It's just absorbed in your skin and like you. Yeah, it makes sense. Right?

Annelise 14:21

Yes. So yeah. So this is this how I got Of course, a lot, as I was saying a lot of years of exploration.

Malini Sarma 14:32

So where you're at so your parents are your role models, when it comes comes to starting business? And they didn't have any objection when you decided, Okay, you know what, this is what I'm going to do. They didn't say, Have you thought about it, you have no money? You know, or are you going to give up your job? How are you going to do all this stuff? You know, it's time for you to get married and have kids I didn't none of that kind of pressure.

Annelise 14:54

Um, I think in general, they have always advised me and given me a lot of suggestions. They will say something a lot of because parents usually are very loving and they want the best for their kids. Right? But they have been so good to me it I think they have always supported me, no matter what, even even if I was coming, when I was very young with crazy style, you know, like not crazy crazy, but like very, um, kind of daring, daring things to do like normally people don't do. So I think they got into a point of, Okay, we have a child who has free spirit, we just need to support

Malini Sarma 15:37

to give me an example of one of your crazy things that your parents are like just shaking their head like, okay, only Annelise would do this. There's no point in trying to talk her out of it. Give me example, or something like that, that you did?

Annelise 15:52

You know, things like I'm not, I'm not the typical person of Okay, well, I want of course, I always wanted stability, I always wanted come forward in somehow was having getting that. But if you if you let me choose of being happy, or having stability and be miserable, I just go be happy even under the breach. Fortunately, I've never been in those situations. However, yeah, there have been some times like, Okay, well, I'm just going to these event. For let's see, three months. And, and I'm not, I don't have any problem to quitting my job. Because I know that from that event, that is once in a lifetime thing, quote. It will help me a lot to, to expand as a human being, you know, of course, money is very important in life and be plentiful to share with others as well. But em, we're spiritual beings with a vehicle that is our bodies. And I feel like life is more than just occurring, if you could say money. So these kind of things that sometimes my parents, they were very young, entrepreneurial, indeed and very, you know, open minded, but at the same time, very traditional word, sometimes not understanding of how do you really let go this kind of job when for something that is just only three months, right? And I was replying to them like, I will figure it out? No worries, I will always

Malini Sarma 17:46

How old were you when you told them this? How old are you when this happened?

Annelise 17:50

There was I was not so young, I was like probably 20 to 23, this kind of thing that's still young,

Malini Sarma 17:57

that's still young.

Annelise 18:01

I started with this, this things of understanding and seeing the big picture of being here on planet Earth is not. It's not only it's not about this old school thinking of, oh, you go to study and then you work from eight to five. And then when you get a lot of money, then you retire and start finally enjoying your life. That's not how I call and I've never been like that. So, Fred, your

Malini Sarma 18:34

parents are like that?

Annelise 18:36

Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yes, that's, that's how usually goes with parents in general.

Malini Sarma 18:45

So what did you what do you what do you what do your siblings think about you? When you when you you know, when you're like, Okay, I'm, that's it, I'm quitting my job. And I'm gonna go, I'm gonna gone to this thing for three months. And then you know, I'll see you later. And what are their reactions? Like, oh, boy, that's Annalise again, or is it like, No, listen to mom and dad. What is their reaction?

Annelise 19:05

Um, they I don't think they, they have been so so good to me. They were they were Tommy How do I explain this? I think they were always giving me space to reflect on my own decisions in life. Because they raised me and it was a big age. And they they had that confidence of saying, okay, we have raised her and gave her principles values long enough to for her to find her way back. Okay, they were never own. They were never like, I don't know saying mean stuff for me, though. Like, kind of having this punishment attitude because they didn't do what they were telling me to do. The opposite they were very patient patient with me.

Malini Sarma 20:04

I think they understood you, they probably fought on your behalf, you know, to with your parents to say no, we were alone, you know, she's gonna be okay.

Annelise 20:12

Perhaps and they were, they were like really frustrated. I know, I know for sure that they were talking to each other just, Hey, I needed something for emergency, you know, like kind of back up or stuff like that. But they were never telling me directly. Actually, they were always telling me Well, whatever makes you happy. We are here. So Susan, are you? Okay?

Malini Sarma 20:40

So is your sister much older than you? Or is she close in

Annelise 20:45

age? She like more than five years? Or? Maybe she's like six years, six years. Okay. But she has been also like a mom for me. Yeah, so very loving, you know, also, she has been very supportive. And some of my projects, my early projects. She was not understanding at the beginning, but she was not just keep doing it. If, if you think this is going to be good for you just keep doing and keep trying. There was never, of course, not everybody was like agreeing on it. And why the support was always there. Even if they thought that oh my gosh, what is this?

Malini Sarma 21:29

That's awesome. That's really cool. So did you ever have to convince your sister, you know, to let you do stuff? Or, you know, if she told you like, don't do it? Would you have fought with her? Or would you have like convinced her? Or would you said, Okay, fine. I'm not doing because I don't want you to be upset. Which How has the most of the time has played out?

Annelise 21:48

No, not at all. It's just funny because they with her, she has been always supporting me. Like, even when she was not understanding and few years after, she was like, Oh, now I understand what you were doing. Uh huh. very supportive. This is why I'm saying I'm very lucky. With my family. I was very wise to choose them before. Right?

Malini Sarma 22:16

No, I agree. So you know, what? And I, I have a 200% understand everything you're saying? Because a lot of most people, and I'm sure you would agree, don't see it like that. Right? They don't understand, you know, about past lives, they don't understand about how children choose their parents before they're born. They don't see about, they don't see, you know, like the intuition that all of us have, but we have been programmed not to use, I think I think a lot of people don't understand that either. Do you get a lot of that, like people like what are you talking about? You know, are you just doing like this, this woody call? Oh my gosh, are you doing this whole psychic thing? And, you know, don't waste my time or us making stuff up? I mean, do you get a lot of that? Like, or or are you automatically only attracting people similar vibe or similar? You know, energies you

Annelise 23:13

most of the time I attract people who are aligned, okay. And if this the sessions to the role, um, they come to me to in at the beginning, they resist, but they then they see something in me that they are Okay, wait a second. I know, they might think right, this is what I buy. My it comes to my mind. Like they might think okay, well, why she she looks happy she looks kind of feels just keep going farther. Maybe there is something correct or something true. why she's saying, you know, the people who are in court they don't have any spiritual concepts. Or they don't have they have never developed any of that they actually they don't believe in anything. I have some friends like that, but they use your they still are open to hear what I have to say. And

Malini Sarma 24:21

so if you have I mean, have you have you encountered people who are mean, you know, and or maybe you have thought that you know, maybe I can change them or you know, they're gonna change their mind if they hang out with me. But then there are people who like doesn't matter how much you try or, or how much ever they time they spend with you. They're like, nope, this is not working. And you know, you've lost friends or, you know, people because they don't align with you. Have you

Annelise 24:49

something that I learned is that I don't like to push anybody into my own beliefs. I really I believe so. For me, a healthy relationship of any kind is not only Well, when we talk about relationships, it's not only about romantic one girl, is to respect that individual on their own beliefs. And then you also are respected by the individual with your own beliefs. So I think what makes us rich on this planet is that we see things in a different way. So that gives us the opportunity to expand. And to see farther possibilities, not only of Okay, this is the truth, I know the truth. And this is the only thing, and this is my way or the highway. Never, I don't think have ever applied that in my life.

Malini Sarma 25:52

No, that is awesome. You know, it takes a certain level of maturity, and, you know, even spiritual maturity to come to that conclusion, right? Because there are a lot of people who know a lot of things, but they probably don't look at it like that. It's like, you know, it's my way or the highway. Right? So when you have when you have had to say, disconnect with people, because you're not aligned? How do you? Do you feel sad? Do you feel, you know? Or do you? Are you just resigned to that? Or you just, would you tell yourself that this is for the best, and I was there for a reason. And this season? And now it's time to move on?

Annelise 26:34

Yes, I know. I have learned that they are. Relationships for short term and long term. Mm hmm. And ah, oh, almost all the time. And I because I don't want to say Oh, yes, 100% all my life. I did that. That wouldn't be accurate. But almost all my life, I have wished them the best. Not resentment. Actually, I always wanted to bring healing into whatever was heard or one, like, not only from my part, but from the other part as well. And I, I really were not aligned by I really wish you the best. And yeah, that's it. You know, like, Yeah, sometimes, and it's difficult. In the beginning, you feel sad, because you, you wish to keep that connection with that person. But we have freewill. Mm hmm. And you cannot push somebody to change if that person doesn't want to change as you don't want somebody to force you to change neither, because you need to decide from party from that principle. I don't force anybody to believe in what I believe. Actually, I'm open to hear other possibilities, right? Mm hmm.

Malini Sarma 28:07

No, that's, that's great. So how have other people reacted badly? You know, when you had to say that? This is not working? Or?

Unknown Speaker 28:14

Yes, I'm

Malini Sarma 28:15

sorry. But you know, I don't think this is gonna work out. I mean, have they been mean nasty, crying, yelling, screaming? I mean, whatever, to say they're white. What are you talking about? I'm perfect. And did you have to change?

Annelise 28:30

That's such a funny thing to say I'm perfect. Nobody perfect. And there will never be. Yes, I have got those experiences. Very strong things. Mm hmm. Um, but it's, it's learning. You know, it's, it's, I think that life and I always highlight this is it's a big school, like the school. So you go from kindergarten to PhD, postdoc or whatever, right? Right. So, the experiences that you get are for your own expansion, and of course, they will some of them that will be very painful and disruptive because you are like, Oh, my gosh, and what is right? But their responsibility there is you choosing what is good for your life, and what the other person does or not, it's just not, it's not on you, you have to decide, well, this is not aligned. And in some cases, you take sometimes you take you take some time to realize like, okay, you have try in is not working, so let it go. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Malini Sarma 29:47

So your experience both good and bad.

Annelise 29:50

Always like anybody else we all owe nothing is perfect on this experience in life,

Malini Sarma 29:56

right? Yep, nope, nope. Nothing's nothing. Everything is a learning experiences, that's for sure.

Annelise 30:01

purpose, and it has its purpose, otherwise you don't grow.

Malini Sarma 30:04

Yep. No, I agree. So you also started a podcast this year,

Unknown Speaker 30:09

like me.

Unknown Speaker 30:11


Malini Sarma 30:12

what is the message that you're trying to? What are you trying to achieve with your podcast? Okay, so

Annelise 30:20

this is one of the most important ways to keep spreading a message of empowerment, I

Unknown Speaker 30:26

think, okay, Oh, I

Annelise 30:27

see. Let's say, let's, I see the potential of human beings. Mm hmm. Well, I am coaching groups. So I call it I interviewed here. I have to go and somehow so people get to understand a little bit more sometimes they don't understand what I'm what I'm saying because they they're not so aligned with me, but it's okay. What I want is for them to see this the same on themselves this this beauty these potential, you know, they can they can actually remember who they are and express themselves as they are not not as not as society told them to do or, or this potations of what I use suppose how you're supposed to show yourself into into the community or into society, because these are the standards This is a structure you have to follow the instructions, you have to be these replicates like copycat of in relation in this not, that's not just that positive. I love them are We are all in unique in our own way. So this is we, each of us, we are planning to have talents, passions, dreams, qualities and strengths, right? And so you cannot ask, you cannot ask peacock to behave as a monkey. Right?

Malini Sarma 32:05

Right. No. pretty drastic,

Unknown Speaker 32:10

but no.

Annelise 32:12

So that's the point that says, so this is the aim on on the podcast. I love to communicate. I love to communicate since I remember. I love to connect with people overall. I love to empower them. So they feel passion for life. They fizzy these all for live. Like Like when you're a kid, you know, you just so wondering and looking everywhere and seeing Okay, what else? Oh, and just enjoying the possibilities out there. Oh, wait, what

Malini Sarma 32:45

is your past cast call Dan?

Annelise 32:47

Yeah, the happy spark is happy. Okay, happy Spark.

Malini Sarma 32:50

Okay, no, I do want to put it on the show notes so that you know people can come? They can say,

Annelise 32:55

yeah, you can find it in Concord. Okay. matcom is the happy spark designer. Okay. This is my this is my company to okay. Yeah, well, my company.

Malini Sarma 33:08

That's awesome. So yeah, do you? Do you still use your degree? Whatever you studied? Do you still use that? You know, whenever you need to? Or are you pretty much hundred percent just working on your company and on podcast?

Unknown Speaker 33:21


Annelise 33:22

I'm always if you're referring Well, I think I got your question. Um, I will always be on humanitarian work. either working for a specific nonprofit or volunteering, because they are that they're like, when I was a teenager, I have that in my soul. So I will always pursue it. And my, but I'm not, I'm not using my degree of Oh, a. I'm not the kind of person of showing, I have these I have that I have them. I think it's more about connecting with people, meaning I can do through my business. And I say business quotes the right way. Right. It's a business by Right. Right. Um, it's accompanied by I think it's more important about the pursuit of my life purpose, and just manifesting into whatever way you know, be it through projects via through my company through through my degree that whatever. Mm hmm.

Malini Sarma 34:31

No, that's, that's, that's awesome. That's awesome. So you, you move to a new country. You came from all the way from Peru, you speak at least three languages. You have your own business, you've traveled to many more countries. You've done a lot. So how is how has this journey changed you or has it?

Annelise 34:51

I don't, actually I don't feel any accomplishment yet though.

Malini Sarma 34:57

Okay, so you're just exploring, you're still exploring. So what are you Looking to do in the future,

Annelise 35:01

I feel proud of who I am as a person that the only thing that I could say that I have, I have got into this, this, this journey continues and in has expanded my my mind a lot. Mm hmm. So I have grown spiritually more than ever. This is I think this is the the important part of it. Right? reconnecting with myself or others and the planet overall. We think that when you decide to take your journey to risk rediscover yourself is when when transformation take place. And so then you can express express yourself fully. Right? So then you can, you can do many other things. I, I don't think I'm yet where I want to be. But it doesn't mean that I'm not satisfied with I have a god so far. And I'm happy and fulfilled. Still, I'm not saying that every day is wonderful, because we are human beings, we also have our, we all have our ups and downs. But it has such a positive mindset. So that keeps me pushing forward. I feel like I feel like any other person, you know, with lots of potential for for keep going. You know what I mean? Right?

Unknown Speaker 36:33

Yep. Yeah.

Malini Sarma 36:36

How would you? How would you, like you said, You're not where you where you want to be? Where do you want to be? Where do you want to be? What How would you know that you,

Unknown Speaker 36:47


Malini Sarma 36:48

you've come a long way, because you said that you don't feel that you've accomplished a lot. And I think a lot of people for the things that you've already done, most people will take a lifetime, you know, the courage to like leave your home, and come to a new place. And then you know, and travel do for a lot of people is really hard. It's not easy, you know, communicating. And so for you, all of that came easy in the sense that you you just knew what you had to do. So what would you consider an achievement?

Annelise 37:25

As I was saying, one of my, one of my chief achievements that's that I feel proud of who I am as a person I got I got into a point where spiritually, I feel I'm I am a mature person emotional intelligence, that I'm open hearted. And valance? Of course not. As I said, this is a work of every day is like, right. By and I also I know what I want, I know what I'm going to be doing.

Until I go back to, to source. I have to change body again. Right. Right. Right.

Malini Sarma 38:11

So you, you you, you know, it's like you're following a plan. And so whatever comes you just go with the flow, because you know, whatever is to come is based on the plan.

Annelise 38:21

It's, it's it's kind of a mix of what you're saying. I see my future. Always been on projects related to productive Mother Earth and children. I already started working Doris, fundraising actually, for weaves. Um, I am if you want to see something concrete, I'm donating percent of myself and yoga capris on my online store, for example. My company right for

Malini Sarma 38:49

saving for the reef. Yeah.

Annelise 38:50

Yeah. So, um, and I have been always you one of the other things that I feel accomplished, if you could say, it's that I have been always volunteering. As since I was a teenager, I've never stopped doing that. And I have been helping other people. If let's see tomorrow, I'm no longer here. I'm not going to be 100% satisfied, because I know I have, I can give more, create more, I can expand more. I can just make everything better. Still. With that being said, I'm satisfied with myself as a person and for helping others. But, but it's just I see other people to accomplishing a lot of things. But I always ask myself, Well, are you happy with yourself because accomplishing is very important and acquiring stuff, you know, acquiring overall. It's very important because you have to put some meaning in What you do, right, and get to a point where you feel okay, I did it, right? why many people get into that race? And it's like a vicious cycle of Okay, what else I will accomplish and are never satisfied. So I'm not. I try to stop myself a little bit sometimes and think, Okay, wait, give the balance and accomplish things, but also work. Well, yeah, yeah, exactly.

Malini Sarma 40:32

Let's put this. That's really that's really impressive for someone. So young people, a lot of people don't get it until they run the rat race. And they're like, wait, they turn around, you know, it's been like, 40 years, and they're like, oh, okay, now it's time to retire. It's like, oh, maybe I should have done that. Like, you were saying, you know, like, additional way. things. So, there are a lot of young people probably looking at you and like, you know, in your, in your group, like, wow, I want to be like her. So they want to be like you, too, what are the what are the top three piece of advice that you would give, you know, yet you want to give them

Annelise 41:11

as I said, I have a lot of things still works in the works. And I am, I need to keep going. I'm not yet where I want to be. However, I do have knowledge and life experiences and wisdom and you could say spiritual wisdom to share for sure. So, let me think so first, um, one of the most important things belief in yourself the opinions of others about you is just that an opinion. And, and, you know, what, I have seen many people were having coaching them or, or just meeting them that do so skillful, they're so wonderful have so many qualities, but they don't, they don't believe from like, in themselves, and it's like this thing of stopping them to actually express and manifest who they really are. And for me, at least, I just get like, No, you have to do, you know, getting more excited than them about their own projects. And, and no, I think it's belief in yourself, it's something you have to work a lot. from within, in get to that point of No, I am, I have to believe in what I do. I have to believe in what I want to accomplish what what, what I want to create in my life, right? Then, probably the second movie to relate it to these ones as well as you to understand who you are first. It's like a boat, right? Um, what I mean you, let's see your boat is it Are you going to be running, going around the whole ocean without knowing where you're heading towards? So this is, this is one of the things I get to understand who you are. It comes, it comes to me like from this Greek. Greek, ancient knowledge of Know thyself, it's so ingrained in me I learned when I was a kid, of course, but for me, it comes out so often. It's just see your own potential as a human being right and grow, grow base from there. And also, at least it for me has helped me a lot to have these set of positive principles and values. Developing your honor, all right, your spiritual world. This, it's like, um, it's like having your own your core, right, your, your core inside your big stone, your, your, your foundation, of no matter what happens. You have your values, your principles, everything can be a chaos outside of you. But if you just keep holding on to those principles and values and your spiritual world, you will know how to deal with it. Yeah,

Malini Sarma 44:18

I think especially in this current situation, where we are with COVID. And people are, you know, trapped in their homes, because you can't go anywhere. And you've got the second wave coming right now. And it's just horrible everywhere around the world, not just one countries around the world. I think it's so important to hold on to that belief, right. Hold on to your foundations. You know, stick to your values. Don't don't get sucked into all the chaos that's happening around. Yeah. Yeah, that's no that's that's really, really important. So thank you so much. That's I'm so I'm so thrilled to talk to you, Anneliese. Thank you. After we I can't believe that, you know, we actually connected on so many things. I don't think there are very many people or maybe, maybe I have finally come to that point where I'm, I'm attracting the same kind of energies. You know, so I'm meeting a lot more people who think very similarly. So this is really, this is really cool. So thank you. Thank you so much for coming on to the show. And,

Annelise 45:27

and congratulations, I love that you're doing all these things. Oh, thank

Malini Sarma 45:31


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