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Interviews with strong women from all over the world who have overcome their fears against all odds. Their stories will inspire you to believe in yourself and take action.

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Newest Episode of the GladiatriX Podcast

Straddling Cultures with Wendy Wei

44 – Wendy Wei was born in China but brought up in Canada. As a child of immigrants she learnt to straddle two cultures. Whether it was navigating through school, wondering why she was sad all the time or even changing majors, Wendy always found a way to make it work. This is her story.

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Alejandra Diaz Velez on Changing the Narrative with Intimacy Stories

43 – Alejandra Velez is Colombian designer with a keen interest in understanding the interactions between humans and human behavior. In a society where it is taboo to discuss sexuality and intimacy, Alejandra is changing the narrative. She is the host of the Intimacy Stories Podcast, one of the many services under her design studio Black Bean that is helping to create an environment of products and service around intimacy for the Latin American audience. This is her story.

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One Day At A Time with Karina F Daves

42 – Karina F Daves is a life coach and podcast host. Born in Peru and raised in the United States she talks about growing up with the immigrant mentality,setting boundaries and advocating for yourself. This is her story.

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Do It Yourself with DIY’er Joanna Munoz

41- Living in a toxic relationship with her mother,Joanna Munoz could not wait to get out.Thrown out of the house at 17, an ardent Do it Yourself’er, Joanna worked, went to nursing school, had a baby and now is turning her passion into her business. This is her story.

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Transforming Lives with Charlie Johnson Stoever

39 – Charlie is a nonbinary Mexican-American former stock broker that helps mostly lgbt & bipoc folks points hack, invest, & build wealth. Listen to their journey starting in Mexico and then moving to the United States, being undocumented till they were 14 and now living in Mexico. This is their story.

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Being Resilient with Jeyra Rivera

38 Jeyra Rivera was raised in Puerto Rico by a single mother and her grandparents. Passionate about learning she did not let a hurricane come in the way of reaching her goal. She not only has her engneering degree that took 7 years to complete she also has her own business. This is her story.

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Journey to Sobriety with Gillian Tietz

Gillian is the host of the Sober Powered podcast. Thinking that since she started drinking only at 22 she would be fine, she talks about her thinking that she could handle it and what finally happened to make her stop. This is her story.

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Born to Dance with Sudha Chandra Sekhar Part II

#35 This is Part 2 and the conclusion of the conversation with Bharatanatyam dance legend 80 year old Sudha Chandrasekhar. She is a world renowned artist, a dedicated Bharatanatyam dancer, a rare genius and a guru to thousands of students. She was born to dance, started dancing at the age of 4 and still continues to train and teach. She speaks of her leaving India at the peak of her career, her first transatlantic flight, and the advice she has for the future generations. This is her story.

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About The Show

This podcast showcases women, predominantly women of color, who in spite of their fear, are forging ahead, chasing their dreams and becoming stronger.

These conversations can help you work through your fear and conquer your dreams.

What do you need to move ahead?

Whether it is starting your own business, traveling the world on your own, standing up to your boss or just silencing that voice in your head, every small step you take is a push in the right direction.

This is a mix of interviews, special co-hosts and solo shows that you don’t want to miss.

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Malini Sarma

Malini Sarma

Your Host

Hello, I’m Malini. I’m a dancer, world traveler, and storyteller. I’m a hard-core fan of chai and anything hot. I’m always looking for new adventures and would rather be outside than inside.

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