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This is the place to support and listen to each other without judging, while we learn how to trust our instincts, together!


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What is Brown Women Collective?

We are a support group for women of color in our 50s, 60s and beyond. We are finding our voices, learning to trust our instincts, and figuring out how we want to take charge of our lives. 

We’re going through a lot of changes in our lives: helping our kids get settled and planning their weddings, retired parents that need our support, and much more.

We encourage each other to follow our passions and dreams with resources, tools and tips, not only if you want to launch a business in your 50s, but to be prepared to make financial decisions on our own for the very first time.

We create a safe space to share our ideas and explore what our next move in life will be. We learn together and support each other. Judgement is not something we want to continue passing on.

Why join our meet ups?

Here you’ll find a group of sisters who understand what you’ve been through, not only as a woman of color but also as a first or second-generation immigrant.

  • You’ll have people who will listen to you and help you unravel your thoughts when you’re feeling a little lost. You’ll improve your goal setting and planning skills.
  • You’ll have the tools, resources and referrals to launch the project you’ve always dreamed of but were too afraid to start because we’ll encourage you to follow your own wants and dreams -or at least figure out what those are for you.
  • You’ll start prioritizing and feeling more in tune with yourself, because you’ll have a deeper understanding of the importance of self-care. You’ll find your way back to you!

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We’re excited to have you!

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