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I’m Malini Sarma

Life Coach & Founder of Brown Women Collective

A safe space to learn and take action.

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On my weekly show, I introduce women from all over the globe who have overcome their fears and thrived against all odds.


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Join the private Facebook group, where you won’t be judged and you’ll gain insights from other women who are going through the same life transitions as you.


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Starting something for the first time?

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How prepared are you to be in charge in case of an emergency?


You take care of everyone, but are you taking care of yourself?

Who will you meet in our sessions?

We are women who are finding their voices, figuring out how we want to take charge of our lives. We’re dealing with criticism and judgment from husbands and family members. We’re going through a lot of changes in our lives: helping our kids get settled and planning their weddings, retired parents that need our support, and much more. Find out more!

Who will you meet in my podcast?

This podcast showcases women who are forging ahead, becoming stronger, and chasing their dreams. I plan to showcase AT LEAST one woman from every country in the world.

I still have quite a few countries to cover so join me on the Gladiatrix Podcast journey!

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About Me

I’m a dancer, traveler, mother, and podcast host.

Podcast reviews

Love hearing all the inspirational women who are using their life experiences to push through both personal and societal boundaries to make the world a better place. True gladiators! 💪🏽

Maria’s story was so inspirational, as are all of your podcast episodes. I truly enjoy the power in the decisions that women make for themselves and their families. The diversity of backgrounds, dreams, and realities is most intriguing. You are a great host and I look forward to your future episodes.

If you are someone looking for the courage to step outside your box and pursue a new path; listening to Francis Taylor’s journey will certainly inspire you. Enjoyed listening to the well-conducted interview by the host (Malini)

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